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These Reviews were handwritten by our Wonderful Clients

The originals are on file at Americus, we have collected thousands of them!

For starters, the structure is beautiful. In my line of work light is very important. The structure uses natural and artificial light wonderfully. As far as the service goes, one could not ask for a more knowledgeable staff. I came through the front door knowing a good deal about diamonds and Americus Diamond’s staff didn’t let me down on their end. Both Steve and Enrique were knowledgeable and polite. I walk on pushy salesmen and I never felt pressured once. I enjoyed my experience at Americus Diamond and will always make the drive from La Vernia, TX, to do business with Americus Diamond.

Jake, La Vernia, TX


I heard about Americus Diamond by watching a show on TV one late night. I found it to be one of the most interesting shows I have ever seen, going into all about how diamonds are found, formed, etc... About the service: Walking in, my fiancé and I were greeted kindly. Then Henry attended us in a very modest and sincere way which felt comfortable. He was also professional and supportive in explaining and answering any questions. He was also very patient. A perfect salesperson.

Rudy, Castroville, TX


From the moment we walked in, we were greeted and educated on how to choose a diamond. Steve was very helpful in assisting us in choosing an engagement ring. We liked the large selection of jewelry and the atmosphere. I was very impressed with the prices! I was expecting to pay a lot more, but Americus Diamond’s prices were very reasonable. Steve was very patient and understanding, and I appreciate the fact that we left without telling him, and returned a couple hours later and he still had the ring we wanted in his pocket! My overall experience with Americus Diamond was one that I will never forget and I will enthusiastically recommend my friends to come here.

Luis & Debra, San Antonio, TX


All my experiences at Americus Diamond have been met by the most courteous and professional individuals. From my initial shopping experience eight years ago to today. In today’s market where one looks at price, customer service often goes out the window. It’s nice to see a business where excellent customer service is their primary goal, regardless of how much you spend.

Sam, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond has never left me feeling like I made a purchase I regret.  Every time I come in, whether it be for a purchase or to browse for future purchases, I never feel rushed, shorted or regretful.  I believe that no matter how much you spend, you really do get the Americus Diamond experience of class and quality.  Thank you for all of your time and patience with me.  I always come back to Americus Diamond and always refer you all to everyone I know.

Joshua, San Antonio, TX


We live in the UK (Guildford Surrey) and saw the advertisement on American television while visiting San Antonio. The diamonds are a present for my wife on our 40th wedding anniversary.

Colin, Guildford Surrey, United Kingdom,


My husband and I came to Americus Diamond out of curiosity on their prices, how they compare with the other high-end jewelry stores. I was amazed at how their prices are fair and much less than most jewelry stores. I came looking for a very nice sapphire ring for my 27th wedding anniversary and I found the style I liked. Dave helped me and he wasn’t pushy on anything. He gladly and patiently waited on me and showed me everything I pointed out in the case. I also like their trade-up policy. Very reasonable. He showed me up close on a diamond microscope what the stones look like up close. No one has ever done that for me before. I will definitely be back for second or more purchases in the future.

Carmelita, San Antonio, TX


We love Americus Diamond! Everyone here is so friendly and very helpful. I don’t think we will ever go anywhere else but here for our jewelry needs. Everything here is so perfect. The service and professionalism is great. The quality of the jewelry for the price we paid surpasses other places. Everything and everybody exceeded our expectations. Thanks for everything.

Randy & Jodi, Robinson, TX


Our experience at Americus Diamond was easy and fun! We want to thank Henry for all of his help and for his help and his patience, as it took us a while and a few visits before we-- without a doubt-- knew Americus Diamond was our way to go. They were so fast with sizing and their hospitality every time we were there was great! We felt so at home and comfortable throughout  our decision process. Gracias por todo y continué con su gran servicio.

Francisco & Jessica, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond is fabulous!! Karen was my sales representative when I got engaged two years ago, and she was here when I walked back in recently to buy my wedding ring with my fiancé. She not only remembered us both, but continued to help us with our choice of band. She is such an asset to Americus Diamond in her friendliness and professionalism. And to the rest of the staff, I included my compliments... All very friendly and considerate. Thank you!

Doug & Jill, Seguin, TX


The staff at Americus Diamond has been extremely helpful. They helped my then fiancé purchase my beautiful ring from Iraq and were very courteous when I came in to buy our wedding bands. They’ve always greeted me with a smile, whether I was making a purchase or just bringing my ring in for a quick shine for my bridal portraits. My new husband and I will continue to buy our rings at Americus Diamond.

Christine & Daren, San Antonio, TX


I looked around for quite some time at Z…. and other retail diamond stores and one night I saw Americus Diamond’s television show explaining, in detail, their products and knowledge of diamonds. After watching the show, I came to visit the store and was endlessly guided, helped and displayed the quality diamonds Americus Diamond carries. Carmen was so kind, dedicated and patient with every ring. She did an awesome job. Now I’m back to purchase a ring, and Steve took and explained the beauty of each diamond. I picked the right ring for the right person, which resulted in my writing this review for Americus’s professional, courteous and perfect service!

Ernie & Janet, San Antonio, TX


I saw that Americus Diamond ad on TV and was impressed by the quality of diamonds. I appreciate the education I received on diamond grading. It is nice to do business with a company that backs up their product. I feel confident that I made a good choice in purchasing my wedding rings at Americus Diamond.

Bradley, San Antonio, TX


My experience at Americus Diamond was amazing. My husband and I walked into the store and expected to just window shop. By the time we walked out that evening, my wedding ring was chosen, and it was exactly what I wanted. Our salesman Enrique made us feel very comfortable and answered all of our questions. Not to mention he stayed past closing time to assure that everything was perfect. We feel like we not only got the perfect ring, but we also made a friend. Every time I come back to get my ring cleaned, I will always say hello. I recommend Americus Diamond to everyone I know.

Justin & Briana, San Antonio, TX


I have been shopping for an engagement ring for a while and I expected to be hassled like I had been at every other jewelry store. I could not have been more wrong. The staff at Americus Diamond was very helpful and very knowledgeable. They cared about what I wanted and they didn’t try to pressure me into a purchase. I am very pleased with my overall experience with Americus Diamond and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Jake & Laura, Universal City, TX


I first saw the ads for Americus Diamond on television. I was impressed with the statement that Americus has no sales and the salespeople do not work on commission. This gave me the impression that Americus Diamond based their products on value. After coming in to the store, I was very impressed with the selection and the sales people. My fiancé is extremely happy.

John & Carole Ann, San Antonio, TX


My fiancé informed me of this store, and for it to be the first place we looked. I really like the atmosphere. The service was very quick and Henry was quite informative and very attentive to our liking. He seldomly left us, has a great smile and personality, and is very friendly-- A very helpful gentleman. We would definitely return in the future and recommend our friends and family to Americus Diamond. I really enjoyed our first visit. I have listened on KSAT 12 about the television show, but have never really paid much attention. Now I am looking forward to viewing one. Thank you for your friendly service.

Eliza, San Antonio, TX


I was first referred to Americus Diamond six years ago by my older brother and his wife. They said Americus offered the best value and service. A year ago my girlfriend and her mother stopped in and she found the ring “that she’s always wanted.” Americus entered the ring and her info into their system which made the ring selection process flow rather smoothly. I have since been into Americus Diamond twice and was treated with respect and patience, which I appreciate since a decision of this magnitude should not be rushed. After being helped by four different salespeople, I found the diamond to go with my love’s ring. I feel fortunate to have the chance to propose to my future wife with a ring she desires and I already have it in her size since Americus got that information, too. I know I bought this symbol of commitment at a great price, unrushed and with all the help and diamond information I needed. Thank you Americus!

Tim, San Antonio, TX


My husband (fiancé at the time) went looking at several jewelry stores all over San Antonio and didn’t feel that special joy until we came to Americus Diamond. We saw so many beautiful settings for both of us. What really sold us besides the beautiful rings was the warranty they offered, and the trade up capability. We have had our rings for a year and a half, and coming in to get our rings serviced is quick and easy. I recommend Americus Diamond to anyone looking for jewelry.

Lisa, La Grange, TX


I have been in jewelry for 22 years and this is the most impressive store I have ever seen. Took my breath away. Henry was excellent.

Mark, Marysville, MI


My parents suggested Americus Diamond when my husband and I were ready to buy our wedding rings. We didn’t feel like we could afford anything in the store, but when we came to look, we were glad we did! Everyone was so friendly. No one cared that we were on a tight budget. When we come back for cleanings, everyone continues to be very nice. Today my mom and I are back. Steve has been so helpful to my mom and Dave has been great to me. My husband and I recommend Americus Diamond to everyone. My husband has told me that we should only buy jewelry from here for now on. Thanks for being so great to us.

Amanda, Live Oak, TX

We were lost souls going from jewelry store to jewelry store until we decided to listen to our moms. We thought Americus Diamond was for the high-end upper class customer. To our surprise, the bridal collection was exquisite. Henry approached us with a great smile and offered his years of experience. He listened to us and showed us many beautiful settings. His patience and knowledge of the product and extensive services made us feel confident the we have found our jewelry store and our ring. We are very blessed with his devotion to this company. Thank you, Henry, for making our search fun and memorable. We’re looking forward to coming back soon.

Ursula & James, San Antonio, TX


We have been to Americus multiple times and always walk out feeling comfortable. We were never pressured, even when they were closing the store and we were still looking! Michele has helped us at least twice and she went above and beyond to find what we wanted, and for the price we wanted! All of our visits have been amazing compared to our visits to other jewelry stores. Even if we are here just to get our rings cleaned, we are still treated with the same warm and courteous service as if we were here to buy something. We highly recommend Americus Diamond to all of our friends who are looking to purchase jewelry for their loved ones or themselves.

Katherine & Jason, San Antonio, TX


After dating for a year or so, we started visiting Americus Diamond to look for rings. At first it was just a “dream,” then with each return visit (about 7) we became more and more excited about purchasing my rings here. Finally we returned with the intent to find the perfect ring. Ironically, Enrique was the same gemologist we met with a year earlier! It didn’t take long once Enrique brought out some rings to find the right one. After years of searching and looking, the right ring was found! We are thrilled to have found each other and to have found the symbol to the start of our lives together. Thank you.

Travis & Claudia, San Antonio, TX


I absolutely love my ring. I’ve never seen a ring like it, and I’ve always wanted a ring that is unique but not too far from traditional. The store is always clean and has beautiful fresh flowers. The service has been great-- they really helped my fiancé and I customize our rings exactly the way we wanted them. And their policies to trade-in or adjust or clean are the best we’ve found. We wish there were more styles displayed online, but seeing the store and how vast the selection, it’s understandable.

Ryan & Shannon, San Antonio, TX


The reason I came back to Americus Diamond is because of their staff. During my initial visit I had several very knowledgeable staff members help me pick a style of band, cut of stone, and they worked within my budget. Enrique was very pleasant to talk to and he took time to explain not only the difference between several stones I was looking at, but he also took the time to let me examine the stones through a gemological microscope. I was surprised to see the difference between the two diamonds I was considering. With all of the personal service, Americus Diamond has earned a customer for life.

Ketan, San Antonio, TX


We loved our experience here at Americus Diamond. I had purchased all my wife’s jewelry at another jewelry store until we bought her rings here. It was such an amazing experience that we have told all our friends about it. I was so amazed how you all took the time to show the different rings. Your staff’s patience and courteousness was a breath of fresh air in today’s society. The showed us how the different diamonds under the microscope and explained the differences between each diamond and the quality of each. We walked away with a better knowledge of the quality of the diamonds and of what we bought. My wife found a band that she liked, but didn’t like the stone. Americus was more than happy to swap out the stone and find one that made her happy. Then Americus assisted her in finding a wedding band that she loved. Next thing we knew, we were here over two hours and we needed to pick our child up from school! This was the MOST enjoyable time I’ve ever had buying anything in my life. And this is saying a lot, coming from a man.

Jim, San Antonio, TX


I was originally going to purchase a 2.02 ct diamond at J……. However, I found that I was able to save more money and get better quality here at Americus. The selection was bigger and the atmosphere was less aggressive. My customer service sales person was amazing. She helped me several times over several days. Isabel was the reason I decided to buy here at Americus. Everyone else was also very nice, polite, and helpful. When it came time buy the ring, Isabel was on vacation but Steve was also helpful and he jumped through hoops to assist me. Thanks Americus.

Jason, San Antonio, TX


To preface, this was my first diamond buying experience and I was very nervous when I entered the showroom.  I don’t have a huge amount of money to spend, so that added to my anxiety.  Carmen made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me well.  She was able to keep me in my budget and ring the perfect ring and stone.  I’m 27 years old, so I have a lot of buddies who will soon be getting engaged.  I will recommend your store with confidence when they are shopping for rings.  Thanks to Carmen for the excellent service!  Also, your ads are great.  My girlfriend only wanted a ring from here based on your long form TV ad.

Anonymous, San Antonio, TX


We learned about Americus Diamond via it’s infomercial. Had we not come on vacation from Corpus Christi, we would have not heard of this place. Thank God for our vacation!! Mr. Steve treated us very well. I have never been able to walk in a jewelry store and not feel pressured. Mr. Steve made the entire process pleasant. We experienced absolutely NO pressure. He was a total gentleman. Steve was very informative. Guided us through our decision-making process. Informed us about the clarity grades, etc., of diamonds. Because of no pressure and a very informative salesman. The likelihood that I would recommend Americus Diamond? Absolutely! I, too, will come back for an upgrade.

Christina, Sinton, TX


We have been customers of Americus Diamond for fifteen years. Although it is quite a drive from our current home, we never mind making the trip-- We know we will be treated with respect and kindness. Plus, the quality of work is outstanding. Americus Diamond definitely places its customers first, and this shows in many ways (respect, friendliness, helpfulness, selection of products offered, overall atmosphere). We have recommend Americus Diamond to family and friends and will continue to do so.

JD & Kelley, Schertz, TX


For the selection of diamonds, Americus Diamond is unparalleled. The customer service was excellent and helpful. The building is refreshing with all the unobstructed light shining through. The nice thing is that now that I took the plunge and will propose to my lady, I don’t have to change the channel when the Americus Diamond commercial comes on channel 12 when my girlfriend is in the room.

Bobby, San Antonio, TX


Your representative was very helpful as my husband and I shopped for his wedding ring. Michael has never worn a ring before, so we really didn’t know what he would like or be comfortable in. He showed us a huge range of inventory, so we could explore all of his preferences, across several visits, Your representative was always very professional and his service was impeccable. We were thrilled with our experience and intend to use Americus Diamond for all our jewelry needs! Thank you sooo much!

Angela & Michael, San Antonio, TX


I have loved my experience at Americus Diamond. After spending a lot of time searching different jewelers, I’ve found that the staff, selections, prices and overall atmosphere far superior to the competitors. After searching many stores, I’ve found a number of selections available here impressive. Whether one is searching for ring color or style, there are probably at least three cases of possibilities to meet their desires. The process of buying a diamond was easy here, thanks to the knowledgeable staff and informative TV Show. The education process went far beyond the competition, emphasizing the look of the diamond, rather than the four basic scales/factors. Also, the warranty is superb, and is one of the major reasons I am buying here. I know that the service department will do their best to keep the ring looking like the day I bought it for years to come.

Mark, Austin, TX


What an amazing experience!  We were guided and informed throughout the process of choosing an engagement ring so that there was no doubt that we found exactly what we wanted.  The willingness of the sales staff to match our desired set with the perfect stone made the process more personal than past experiences.  The no pressure sales approach suited us perfectly.  Thank you, Steve, for your expertise.

Nick & Melinda, Del Rio, TX


Amazing! My fiancé did not care much for diamonds during our courtship. He would continually express how “diamonds were overrated.” When he proposed to me and surprised me with the most beautiful ring-- I was flabbergasted and consumed with joy. The ring was beautiful and sparkled-- just how I wanted it. It was through excellent customer service and a knowledgeable staff that Lucas was able to appreciate and select a beautiful diamond and setting. Not only does he appreciate diamonds, be he is proud that he chose such a great diamond-- something I never thought could be possible. Because of the excellent experience he had at Americus Diamond, my fiancé loves the ring as much as I do. Thank you Americus Diamond!

Lucas & Carmen, San Antonio, TX


The quality of diamonds here are phenomenal!  I researched all about diamonds and their qualities.  I went to Z…. first to examine the diamonds under a microscope.  There is no comparison to the quality of Americus Diamond.  My fiancé only spent $2,000 more for a diamond that was 10 times the quality.  I wanted to be a prudent diamond shopper and I feel like I accomplished that goal.  I am a very satisfied customer.

Yvette, San Antonio, TX


I wanted to purchase a diamond ring for my wife, but I was hesitant because of my lack of knowledge. After watching “Buying Diamonds Intelligently,” I had the knowledge I needed, and Americus Diamond would be where I make my purchase. I came to the store and met Henry. I also worked with Isabel. I was very impressed by the customer service. Henry was knowledgeable, he answered all of my questions and there was absolutely no pressure throughout the experience. Isabel also spent several hours showing us different diamonds and was very patient. I appreciated the outstanding customer service and I appreciated that there was no pressure. It was a very comfortable experience. We are extremely happy with the purchase we made. The next time we buy a diamond, we will plan to come to Americus Diamond and ask for Henry!

Jim, Ellisville, MO


Steve and the crew at Americus have a customer for life because of their incredible customer service. While working on my wife’s engagement ring, I spent hours with Steve learning about diamonds. His helpful, no pressure attitude impressed me so much that I recommend Americus Diamond and Steve to everyone I know who is looking for jewelry. I challenged the team at Americus by requesting that they make me a custom designed ring based only on a photo and my verbal modifications. In under a week, after owner approval, they did! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the ring came out, and my wife loves it! There isn’t a day that goes by that she isn’t complimented on her wedding set. Americus’ owner like the ring so much that they now carry it as one of their own products. Americus will always be my first and only choice for jewelry for the rest of our lives, and I’ll recommend them to anyone. The sales team is incredible and very knowledgeable. If you’re looking for the best deal with no pressure, Americus is the best place to shop.

Chad & Alanna, Laughlin AFB, TX


Service from Enrique was extremely professional. He went above and beyond regular customer service to ensure that I was happy and satisfied with the modification/exchange of my ring. He recalled helping my fiancé from over a year ago, which was very impressive to Tom and I. I am extremely satisfied with his services and would recommend Enrique and Americus Diamond to my friends and family. The Americus Diamond store is impressive from the time you walk in and afterwards. I was approached numerous times to ensure that I was being helped and I was always offered something to drink. I am happy with my purchase of my ring, Enrique’s services, and the store manager’s/owner’s assistance in making my new ring perfect and to my liking. I appreciate Americus’s flexibility, even after the purchase of my ring.

Gloria & Tom, Augusta, GA


Tech’s are very helpful and they know their product. I came in to look for a particular ring, but it was not in stock. I needed the ring ASAP, and Carmen told me they could make one for me. I decided to hold out and look around at other places. After searching for two hours, I came up empty handed. As I was going around to those other shops, I realized that none of them impressed me like Americus Diamond did. So, I came back and bought diamond earrings instead.

Steve, San Antonio, TX


The variety and quality of diamonds and rings at Americus Diamond is phenomenal, which in my opinion is the best in San Antonio. I’ve bought various rings and the sales staff has been so helpful. After 6 months of my purchase, Teresa still remembered my face and facilitated my purchase of new wedding bands. I’m glad we chose Americus Diamond and I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants the best quality and service in their diamonds and maintenance.

Jose, San Antonio, TX


Fabulous store! First, diamond quality= ALL the diamonds are beautiful- No “dirty” stones. Second, prices= there is something for everyone, no matter what budget! Third, sales staff= EVERYONE is extremely knowledgeable and courteous= no pushy “sales man” and “no pressure”!! I have shopped at Americus Diamond for years and will continue to do so. (I recommend Enrique, but everyone is great.)

Tricia, Spring Branch, TX


As we entered Americus Diamond on IH-10 in San Antonio, Texas, we were overwhelmed with so much beautiful jewelry. We had an excellent salesman come to assist us. His name was Steve. He was superb in good quality customer service and did his best to assist us in exactly what we were looking for. We fell in love with two gorgeous rings and are looking forward to wearing them real soon. We are two of the happiest people you will ever see with each other.

Lorna & Kelly, Fredericksburg, TX


I was able to enjoy my experience shopping for an engagement because of the customer service I received. I was treated with respect was taken seriously by Michele, one of the employees. Being 24, a lot of times diamond stores don’t think you have the money or aren’t a serious buyer. Michele was 100% professional and helpful. She was never condescending or rude. She helped me with every question & was patient. She even remembered my girlfriend from over 2 months ago. Over all, I was pleased with the no haggle sales method. You see the price and decide for yourself if it’s what you want. Americus did a great job of separating itself from its competitors & Michele did a great job representing the company.

Andrew, San Antonio, TX


I’m thoroughly impressed with Americus Diamond.  Before now, I knew nothing about diamonds or how to grade one.  Steve was the most helpful individual I’ve ever dealt with.  It was a calm, no pressure, informative purchase, and when dealing with the amount of money that I spent, I’d expect nothing less.  Americus Diamond delivered.

Dana, San Antonio, TX


It was a good store as far as the collection of diamonds.  We are coming for the second time to shop here.  As far as customer service, it is very good as well.  Henry is most helpful and very patient.  He was able to satisfy my demands, requests, etc.  I look forward to shopping in this store again.  I’m impressed with the concept of trade-in.

Bindu, San Antonio, TX


Very pleasant experience shopping at Americus Diamond.  Teresa was very helpful in finding the right engagement ring.  This was a very positive experience.  That would lead me to come back and shop for all of my jewelry.

Phillip, San Antonio, TX


I came in to shop around for engagement rings on November 1.  Your representative helped us out, thoroughly explaining diamonds and Americus Diamond policies.  He also informed us about the $5000 give-away.  Your representative was very knowledgeable, courteous and made us very welcome.  I was very lucky to win the giveaway!!  When we returned on November 8 to select the ring, he guided us through the process, helped pick a diamond within our price range and gave us several options.  Our experience was beyond superior.  We would gladly come back again and recommend both Your representative and Americus Diamond.  Thank you for your hospitality!  We will never forget it!

Dragana & Jaime,  San Antonio, TX


My fiancé and I just popped in to take a look at the selection.  We did not have any intentions of purchasing anything today, but after talking with Enrique, that all changed.  He was helpful and knowledgeable.  After talking with us and figuring out what each of us liked, he pointed us in the right direction.  My fiancé and I were so happy with what Enrique had showed us that we purchased both of our rings.  We are absolutely thrilled!  The selection is absolutely amazing and so is the attention we received.

Renee & Antonio, Charlottesville, VA,


I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere else to shop for a diamond ring.  Everyone is so nice and the jewelry is just spectacular.  Carmen was helping me pick out a new ring and she was so helpful and very patient.  I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.  This was an upgrade for me.  I purchased my first ring in 1995 and came back to upgrade.  I don’t know why I waited so long!

Mary & Joe, San Antonio, TX


Our experience at Americus Diamond was beyond our expectations.  The people were so friendly, informative and helpful.  The quality of diamonds does not compare to other common jewelry stores.  The selection of amazing color and clarity diamonds at such reasonable prices was unbelievable.  The only place we will buy jewelry from in the future is Americus Diamond.

Jon & Shannon, San Antonio, TX


I visited in March and was greeted by Teresa.  She was very helpful.  I didn’t buy anything in March, but came back again in October.  Teresa remembered me and was again very helpful.    I then brought my girlfriend in and she and Teresa bonded and had a blast.  Thanks Teresa.

Paul, San Antonio, TX


Teresa was totally awesome.  One look at me and she had me all figured out.  We connected and the vibe was there.  She understood the exchange and selected a ring that was one of a kind.  Thank you Teresa. I look forward to seeing you in the future.  We all had a blast.

Elizabeth, San Antonio, TX

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Elizabeth, San Antonio, TX


Your representative was extremely helpful in helping my fiancé and I find wedding rings at the last minute.  We had no idea what we were looking at or what we could afford, but he was very patient and made our first ring shopping experience a very pleasant one.  We will definitely do business with Americus Diamond in the future, when it is time to shop for my anniversary ring!  Thanks so much for making this so easy.

Kristin & Vincent, New Braunfels, TX


I purchased a ring for my wife for Christmas in 2007. The ring was not really expensive, but I was treated very nice even though I had a smaller budget. I returned with my wife today for a ring check up and to show my wife some rings we could upgrade to.  Today we were fortunate to have the same salesperson who was very professional and friendly. Isabel was her name and we look forward to coming back to this store again.

Michael & Patrice, Adkins, TX


Americus Diamond in San Antonio has a beautiful facility. The staff is always courteous, friendly and efficient. I purchased my engagement ring and wedding band from Americus Diamond in October 1985.The lifetime warranty is an absolute plus!! I live 50 miles away, but still come in to get my rings cleaned and checked. Again, this is a great facility with wonderful personnel. It’s no surprise that it is so successful in San Antonio.

Sally & Garland, Hondo, TX


Thank you for helping us make the decision to trade my bands for another design. I’m thrilled with not only my ring, but the diamond studs we purchased in addition. Our associate, Enrique was not only patient, but also very helpful. My husband and I are grateful for your assistance in helping us celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

Mike & Dena, San Antonio, TX


Open, bright, no pressure. Sales people are very helpful and friendly. Great selection and great value. I started with Americus Diamond in 2003 and came back to upgrade my wife’s wedding ring and bought diamond earrings as well. We’ll be back! Enrique is great, too!

Jon, San Antonio, TX


We came in to Americus Diamond almost nine years ago. We were met with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We selected stones and setting we both loved and were able to pick it up the next day. Over the years we’ve added to our jewelry collection and we ONLY shop here. Coming in for regular inspections and cleanings is always a pleasure and they always remember us. They even ask about our kids.

Debbie & James, San Antonio, TX


The service that my wife and I received at Americus Diamond was excellent. The vast choices of jewelry was amazing and the service was prompt. Your representative was very patient and helpful with our purchase.

Jason & Kim, San Antonio, TX


We visited Americus Diamond once last week after hearing about the store from the television ads. I met with Isabelle, who confirmed our opinion that Americus Diamond is a professionally run business. We just made a purchase and specifically sought Isabelle again. I will return.

John, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond has always treated me very well, when it comes to purchasing, cleaning, or just making me feel comfortable in your store. You make our special occasions complete. The salesman was very courteous and efficient. He helped us to select the style of rings, and was able to take care of sizing them in a short time.

Alfred & Linda, Cibolo, TX


I visited another jewelry store in San Antonio before making my decision to buy a tennis bracelet at Americus Diamond. The other store, although considered very reputable, had a very small selection and none of the styles I wanted. I was back at Americus Diamond within an hour to purchase my beautiful bracelet.

Helen, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX


We saw Americus Diamond’s commercials and were interested in purchasing wedding bands. Your representative was very helpful in helping us understand the grades and quality of the rings. This is our first purchase with this company and I can promise that we will become regular customers.

Linda, Victoria, TX


I came in today to look at engagement rings. I am a very anti-marriage kinda gal, but with the laid back atmosphere and friendly, not too pushy sales personnel, my cold feet warmed and I was able to find something that fit my taste and more than likely, his budget. All and all, a not so terrifying experience!  Thanks Americus Diamond!

Trisha, San Antonio, TX


I really appreciate the excellent customer service I received from Carmen. She spent a lot of time showing me various earrings and I never felt pressured or hurried. I think she did an excellent job of helping me in my decision. I also received some assistance from Isabel, and I was very pleased with the help she provided. Americus Diamond has excellent diamonds, but outstanding people like Carmen and Isabel really make this experience enjoyable. This is a fantastic jewelry store, not only for the beautiful diamonds, but for the outstanding service provided by the staff. I will definitely recommend Americus Diamond based on my experience today. I won’t even consider going anywhere else!

James, Ellisville, MO


Awesome customer service. Steve went out of his way to explain the prices and allowed me to try on different rings. He also graciously offered me refreshment. Steve went above and beyond to wrap and package a ring that needed to be mailed by the post office. I do extensive shopping and this typed of customer service is the exception.

Maria, San Antonio, TX


This is my second upgrade in less than one year. I really enjoy the ease of shopping for a diamond at Americus Diamond. There are a lot of options to choose from and it is just made so simple because of their great inventory system and their great staff.

Ivan & Brenda, San Antonio, TX


After hearing about Americus Diamond on TV, we decided it had to be our first stop. Our expectations were beyond exceeded. Dave was very helpful and never pushy in helping us find the perfect ring. He made the shopping experience very pleasurable. The quality and selection of Americus Diamond’s merchandise is unlike any other store we visited. We will definitely recommend Americus Diamond to friends and family.

Julia & Neil, San Antonio, TX


My wife and I were so pleased with the service we received from Carmen. She is so professional and courteous, and she paid attention to our questions and concerns. She is definitely an asset to Americus Diamond. We congratulate you on such an awesome employee. Excellent service. We bought my wife’s engagement ring here seventeen years ago, and it was the same type of service that brought us back again. We will be Americus Diamond customers always.

Emanuel & Flor, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond is by far the best jewelry/ diamond retailer I have ever been to. I have enjoyed my experience at Americus Diamond and always look forward to coming back. Because of the high quality of their inventory, wonderful and educated staff, and the trade-in policy, I would not consider making a serious diamond purchase any where else.

Ray, San Marcos, TX


We love to come to Americus! The diamonds are beautiful. The trade-in policy rocks! Theresa is a wonderful salesperson. She is very patient and not at all pushy. I only wish they had a volume discount!

Tiffany, San Antonio, TX


We are very satisfied with our experience. Carmen was incredibly patient with us and answered all of our questions. Although we arrived shortly before closing time, Carmen did not make us feel rushed or pressured to purchase. We returned a few weeks later and Steve helped us with our purchase. Steve was also very patient and incredibly helpful.

Jennifer & Antonio, San Antonio, TX


I love my ring that I got for my engagement. I get compliments on it all the time. The ring quality is great and the selection was more than I imagined. The warranty and trade back is something we loved and plan to use in the future. Even the jewelry cleaner is great!

Victor, San Antonio, TX


A wonderful experience as always! I love coming into the store. The diamonds and the selection are beautiful and the staff is always friendly and happy to help. I would never buy my jewelry anywhere else but here. Thank you for great customer service always.

April, San Antonio, TX


A wonderful experience! I knew nothing about “settings.” Enrique was an excellent resource. He was attentive, patient and incredibly knowledgeable about the settings, the diamonds and the store policies. This took the guess work out of my search. And I loved the volume of selections. There is something for everyone!!!

Patty, San Antonio, TX

Americus Diamond is one of my favorite stores. Americus displays hundreds and thousands of beautiful and perfectly cut gemstones with much lower prices than any other jewelry stores in San Antonio. You can select from all different levels of quality and sizes. Best of all, you will never regret your purchase because the prices are incomparable.

Michelle, San Antonio, TX


I was told to come here by a friend in Victoria. I looked Americus Diamond up on the internet and saw the choices. We scheduled a trip to San Antonio to visit Americus. Isabel was very patient with me and I looked and tried on every single ring I wanted to. I finally made a choice after two hours. I love my wedding set! Thanks for a great shopping experience.

Kathy, Victoria, TX


We were very pleased with your beautiful diamond store. My husband surprised me. I was very happy when he said I want you to pick a ring from here. You have the most beautiful diamonds and fine jewelry. Our children have all gotten their wives’ rings here. You have very good service. Enrique was great. His service is very good. My diamond is beautiful and I am going to show it off for many many years to come.

Mary, San Antonio, TX


We have been in Americus Diamond many times to upgrade and/or clean my earrings. Each experience has been a great experience. We feel very welcomed if we are spending a few hundred dollars upgrading or a few thousand dollars with a new buy. I love how everyone makes us feel welcomed and never rushed. Jeff and I know that our engagement ring will be bought at Americus Diamond because we feel so comfortable here. Thanks so much again.

Jeff & Amy, San Antonio, TX


We purchased our wedding rings over ten years ago. We come back for cleaning/maintenance on our rings twice a year. Your service is great, professional and speedy! We’ve enjoyed being your customers.

Susan, San Antonio, TX


Henry has been very pleasant to shop with for an engagement ring. He has been very kind in showing a variety of rings and diamonds. He even got Melissa to model the rings for me! Between the two of them I have had a really good experience at Americus Diamond shopping for an engagement ring. I will definitely recommend people to come to Americus when looking for jewelry.

Juan Pablo, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond has been wonderful- for the past six years I have worn my ring with confidence. I had a surprise today when the solitaire (prongs and all!) broke loose from my setting. Luckily I noticed right as it happened and was able to pick up the diamond immediately from my desk. First panic hit that my ring had broken. Then relief when I realized that Americus would take care of it for me. I’ve always brought my ring in for “check-ups” and felt sure that they would take care of it. They did, with kindness as always. I would highly recommend Americus Diamond to anyone!

Kari, San Antonio, TX


I had a very pleasant and wonderful experience purchasing my wedding band, husband’s wedding band, and diamond earrings, not to mention my husband purchased my engagement ring here. Americus has a huge variety of jewelry and the service is great. Everyone is friendly and I would come back again. Thanks for a job well done.

Christine, San Antonio, TX


I think Americus Diamonds are beautiful and your patience with my wife and I in the past when you were on Loop 410 is what brought us back. However, now that we have been back, it is Henry’s patience and kind hearted spirit that will keep us coming back. Thanks Americus Diamond, but most of all, thanks Henry!

Sammy, Aransas Pass, TX


From the first time I saw a commercial for Americus Diamond I knew that I wanted to go there for my engagement ring; and I am definitely glad that I did. Steve was such a wonderful help for my fiancé and I. He made our experience completely hassle-free and full of information that was extremely useful. There’s not one bad thing I can say about Americus Diamond or our experience working with Steve. I’ll never think of going to another jewelry store!

Adrianna & Roel, Austin, TX


I have been a customer of Americus Diamond for a number of years. I’m always excited to see the wide variety and selection to choose from. I particularly appreciate the attention your associate Henry has always given me. He is not only very knowledgeable, but has been very patient with me. I feel very satisfied with my purchase.

Elsie, San Antonio, TX


I have been coming to Americus Diamond since 2001 and I feel Americus has great quality and sales staff. The trade in policy is the BEST! I have sent many customers to Americus over the years and they are all very pleased. For the time I have been coming to the store, my sales person has always been Enrique. He is not only a fine young man but a true salesman that is very caring and knowledgeable. Enrique is a great asset to Americus Diamond. He is one of the reasons I buy from Americus.

David, San Antonio, TX


I’ve been to Americus Diamond several times, doing research on my future purchase, and I have been very impressed. Compared to other jewelers, the customer service is off the charts and their jewelry is unmatched in both quality and price. Seeing is believing; I will definitely be back for all my jewelry needs.

Richard, San Antonio, TX


Being that this was our first visit to Americus Diamond, we didn’t know what to expect. We are happy to inform you of the polite and professional service that we received from Steve.  He explained in full detail every question that we had, and gave us refreshments on top of everything else! Thanks for so much wonderful service.

Ted & Sharon, San Antonio, TX


We came to Americus Diamond based on the TV ad and a bad experience from other jewelers. Great selection! We were immediately contacted and were made to feel at home. Carmen was fantastic!! She was very informative and helpful, and made us feel comfortable. Carmen walked us through each step of the way and answered all of our questions. We will definitely come back! Thanks for everything!

Tania & Michael, Converse, TX


I have now bought from Americus Diamond three times and each time was a great experience. We traded in my wedding band and three times have always found a high quality ring in our price range. We wish that we bought my engagement ring here because the company we bought it from was deceitful and also went out of business the same year. They were a very hard company to work with, unlike Americus Diamond.



I searched all the other jewelry stores and didn’t find a selection that comes close to Americus. I bought my wedding band and engagement ring here and two years later, they still could provide me with an extra matching wedding band. I don’t even shop around anymore because nothing else compares.

Jay, San Antonio, TX


Today was my very first experience at Americus Diamond and I must say it lives up to its reputation! I could not believe how many options I had for a ring and believe me-- It’s a tough decision to make! Isabel was very nice and helpful and patient while I looked at almost every case. My fiancé and I have a lot of confidence in Americus Diamond’s beautiful diamonds and rings. We will not go anywhere else.

Cindy & Jason, San Antonio, TX


I’ve been a customer of Americus Diamond in the past and have always found them to be honest and fair. Today’s visit is my second diamond purchase with the upgrade program. As stated over five years ago, I received credit in the form of the full original purchase price from my first diamond. On this purchase, Enrique was more than just a sales associate, he took the time to assess the price for value, and I received two times the diamond for a modest price increase. In the future, Americus Diamond will continue to be the place I shop for diamonds, due to the knowledgeable staff and customer service.

Brandon, San Antonio, TX


I don’t think there was really anywhere else I have ever considered buying a diamond. I have been in here one other time on recommendation and have never really had the same service anywhere else since. I like that there is no pressure and I can have any associate help me when I come in. The quality of diamonds I have seen here is unsurpassed and the prices are what I would expect or less than that even. I have had many recommendations long before I came and I can say that now, I will be the one giving the recommendations.

Greg, San Antonio, TX


Henry did a tremendous job helping us select a band. We are teachers, so we don’t have a lot of money. Coming into this store is a little intimidating, but Henry put us at ease right away. He was patient and thorough, and never one did I feel condescended to (which I have to admit I was a little worried this might happen). Great store! Thank you!

Joshua & Liliana, San Antonio, TX


We love Americus Diamond. The trade-in policy s especially nice. I have upgraded both my earrings and my wedding ring. We will keep coming back as long as we can keep trading up. I also really like the fact that the prices are displayed on the jewelry. The sales people are always great and there is never any pressure to spend more than you want.

John & Lynne, Helotes, TX


Americus Diamond has a great selection of engagement rings. My fiancé was able to find the ring that I wanted with the help of the staff at Americus Diamond. I was very satisfied with the service after the purchase. Everyone is very helpful and nice each time I have been to the store. I am so glad my friends recommended for us to come here.

Caryn, San Antonio, TX


With all of the selection, you can’t possibly leave here without finding what you want. Isabelle was very knowledgeable and nice. I have been looking for awhile and this was the best customer service of all. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Jose, San Antonio, TX


We have visited San Antonio for many years and have been intrigued by the commercial. We visited today and the service were as advertised. Henry was very professional. He was not “pushy” and allowed us our space and time to decide. He gave honest opinions on our choices, regardless of cost.

Roland, Colorado Springs, CO


The store had a great selection of rings, of all types and all price ranges. When I arrived I was greeted promptly and courteously. The sales associate was friendly and never pushy on me to buy something that I didn’t want. I got the ring I was looking for at a reasonable price. My overall experience was very positive and I will shop here again.

Jose, Austin, TX


My niece introduced me to Americus Diamond at the 410 location. I purchased a beautiful diamond ring. I found the salespeople very helpful and patient. Their selection of diamonds is unbelievable. Since my first purchase I’ve returned to their location on I-10 and De Zavala, where I purchased diamond studs and a matching pendant. The store is very nice and the salespeople are the best.

Patricia, San Antonio, TX


The best experience I have ever had buying anything has always been at Americus Diamond. The care and consideration from each of the staff personnel is excellent. I have told many people to shop at Americus Diamond because of the way I have always been treated when I am there. Thanks Americus Diamond.

Cynthia, San Antonio, TX


We find that the service and the employees at Americus Diamond are beyond fantastic! I would recommend this store to anyone. The jewelry is far above any we have seen.

Cathy & Klaus, New Braunfels, TX


My nave is Dave, a return customer to Americus Diamond. I came back to your store because of the great service I received in the past. I have once again been successful with a beautiful purchase of a single pearl necklace piece for my wife Sonia. It’s her birthday Sunday and once again I received spectacular service by a fellow named Henry. He is an asset to your company and has once again kept another client happy. Thanks again! I will return...

David, San Antonio, TX


I was referred by two different people and to be honest, I was reluctant to come in. Although they only had positive feedback, I felt that I was not ready to purchase a ring. Enrique was able to assist me and made me understand more in regards to diamonds. He was patient and very helpful. I will recommend this company to anyone who will purchase jewelry.

Ernesto, San Antonio, TX


We had a great experience. I first came to Americus years ago when they were off Exchange Parkway. Now that we’ve been married for six years, my wife wants to upgrade her ring for our 10th anniversary in four years. We came in and spoke to Isabel, who showed my wife exactly what she wanted. So we came back later the same day to buy it today. I was impressed with how well Isabel knew the store and ring placements. But also we were impressed with her remembering our names and the rings we looked at. We had a great experience, and now my wife has the ring she really wanted. Good thing that Isabel told us we could trade up from the original purchase, without me taking a hit on the retail price I paid. Thanks for the great service.

Richard & Elizabeth, Boerne, TX

From the minute I walked in, I knew I would be well taken care of. The has never been a time that I have come to Americus Diamond and the people are not friendly. Always a great experience, even when I only have twenty minutes to purchase a ring. :-)

Jessica, San Antonio, TX


I liked the no pressure environment that allowed me to take my time on finding the perfect ring. I went to other stores and salespeople seemed only in it for themselves, not the person or purpose. Great help and a great selection. I would recommend Americus to anyone looking to buy something for their special someone.

Josh, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond was our first choice and we were very happy with our entire experience. The atmosphere is very appealing and our service from Henry was best-in-class. He was professional and helped us thoroughly from start to finish. I would recommend Americus Diamond to my friends or associates.

David & Maria, San Antonio, TX


My ring is perfect. I only visited twice, but both times were very exciting, and pain-free! Steve was great- my fiancé now admitted he probably called 15 times, and Steve was always happy to talk to Ryan, and helpful beyond belief. We shopped a few different places, but ultimately I believe it was the customer service that won us over. Thank you!

Ashlee & Ryan, Boerne, TX


Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude. Isabel from the start was extremely knowledgeable and patient. I looked at ring after ring and was never pressured or made to feel like I was a bother. The whole experience was stress-free and completely smooth. Thank you to  Americus Diamond’s staff and I will definitely come back and refer any friends that may be getting engaged. Once again, Isabel was fantastic.

Edward, San Antonio, TX


We thought the service was fantastic. Our sales person, Teresa, was very helpful and extremely patient. She answered all of our questions and gave us great information about diamonds. The store atmosphere was relaxing and pleasant. I appreciated being able to take my time and try on different rings so that I could be sure with my choice. Overall, I would recommend Americus Diamond to anyone, without hesitation.

Shana, Green River, WY


We came in to Americus Diamond already knowing what we were looking for and the staff was very knowledgeable in answering all of our questions about different types of jewelry, like pink sapphires rubies, earrings and pendants. Thanks for helping us!

Craselda, San Antonio, TX


Down in St. Thomas, USVI, a jeweler said he bought a lot of diamonds from Americus Diamond and sells them in the US Virgin Islands.

Hector, Robstown, TX


I had a great time at Americus Diamond. I’ve now shopped at almost every jewelry store in San Antonio looking for the perfect engagement ring. Americus has a large selection and let me take all the time I needed, and I found the perfect ring.

John, San Antonio, TX


Dave was very pleasant and extremely helpful. I came in looking for a twenty year anniversary set, looking to keep the original marquise diamond. He helped me without any type of pressure. Also, Dave had my original engagement ring and wedding band cleaned-- Wow! It looks just like it did almost twenty years ago when we purchased them at Americus Diamond. Thanks! My husband will be coming in to purchase the set I selected hopefully in a few months. :-)

Loretta & James, San Antonio


From the moment I walked into Americus Diamond, I knew this was where my wife’s ring would be. The selection is endless and the salespeople are so knowledgeable. Now that the ring is complete and will be worn on my new wife’s hand, I have all the confidence that Americus is the best place to not only find a diamond, but to gain all the necessary knowledge to choose the right diamond.

Brian, San Antonio, TX


The people at Americus are always very nice and informative. Every time I have come here I have received quick service and never have been given a hard time about exchanges or sizing. If I have taken a ring in for sizing, I get it back the same day. I bought a ring, wore it home, decided I didn’t like the setting, came back and got a different one. I was treated very professionally and was taken care of. To sum it up, it is a great place to go for your jewelry needs, big or small.

Carolyn, San Antonio, TX


We’ve purchased my wedding ring, diamond earrings, necklaces and rings here... My next piece of jewelry will be from Americus Diamond, also. Very good, courteous attendants and beautiful quality make this store a pleasure. The only drawback is trying to choose only one piece of jewelry during my visit. Thanks!

Terri, Cotulla, TX


I have been back to Americus Diamond many times. The selection and quality is without a doubt the best around. Another thing that is important to point out is that the sales associates are not commission-based. Customers are able to take their time and look at all the beautiful choices without be pushed in a particular direction. The customer service is unbeatable. Americus Diamond is the place to shop. You will definitely enjoy the experience. I have every time!

Sarah, San Antonio, TX


The service here is great. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and professional. There is a great selection of engagement rings and diamonds. Far, far better than any place in the mall.

Myles, San Antonio, TX


This was our first time visiting Americus Diamond. The location was very convenient. The store is beautiful. Karen offered us assistance a few minutes after we browsed around. She knew exactly what size ring my husband wore by just looking at his hand. She was courteous and engaging. We were very pleased with the service and our purchase.

Monica, San Antonio, TX


When my husband was looking for an engagement and wedding ring, he had a hard time finding the quality diamond he was looking for, until he came to Americus Diamond. With their selection, he was able to find the size and quality he was looking for at a reasonable price. He now refers everyone to Americus Diamond and our future jewelry purchases will be made here.

Justin & Amanda, Karnes City, TX


Working with Americus has been a pleasure from the start. My fiancé bought my engagement ring here at Americus and was more than pleased with the impeccable service that he received. When it came time to purchase our wedding bands, we did like most couples and shopped around, trying to find the most economical price. We went into several stores, and even though we found a couple of comparable prices, the service level and the knowledge that we received from our sales representative Enrique was incomparable.

Bridgette, San Antonio, TX


Beautiful store, wonderfully clean with an excellent, quick and friendly staff. The environment is one where a person would imagine themselves buying a diamond. Also, having prices on the items encourages shopping, rather than having to be sold to. I hate other stores sales pitches!

Stephen & Alexandria, Del Rio, TX


Americus Diamond has the largest selection of diamonds that I have ever seen. The customer service has always been exceptional and very knowledgeable. My husband and I have always been happy and appreciative with the information given to us about the diamonds we have purchased. We have also been impressed with the speed that the jewelry has been able to be sized, set or adjusted. We will continue to be customers of Americus Diamond.

Marisa, Edinburg, TX


We had a wonderful buying experience. We felt extremely comfortable purchasing our engagement ring at Americus. We had browsed at other stores and felt intimidated and out of our price range. These experiences brought us back to Americus.  The staff was so friendly and made us feel welcome. We also really enjoyed viewing rings from the case that were marked with prices. This made shopping in our price range super easy!

Jennifer, San Antonio, TX


The store is nice. The natural light helps in picking out the diamond that is perfect for me. It was very easy to find and the employees were very helpful and honest.

Patrick, Del Rio, TX


Since 2005 when my fiancé purchased our wedding rings and my engagement ring, the service here at Americus Diamond has been of the highest quality. Having my wedding band custom made to complement my engagement ring was no problem for the professional staff. My visit today has ended with both my wedding and engagement ring cleaned and the acquisition of diamond stud earrings. Though these too have to be custom made, the delivery of my earrings to our new home in Louisiana is not an issue. We will be loyal customers for years, even if we do happen to reside in another state.

Ray & Maria, Shreveport, LA


Ten years ago, my husband purchased our wedding ring. We received excellent service then. Ten years later we are back to purchase our anniversary bands and still, today, we received excellent service. Unfortunately, my husband lost his wedding band. Even ten years later we were able to buy the exact same wedding ring. My husband and I cannot express how much that means to us. We thank Americus so much for all the help and excellent service.

William & Amanda, Schertz, TX


Good and nice store. I liked how everything was organized and how Americus helps the people get what they are looking for. And how they are very nice to other people. It’s also very pretty the way the store is and how the rings, necklaces, bracelets and sets have their own place, which helps the customer find what they are looking for easily.

Gavtam, San Antonio, TX


Great selection with knowledgeable salesperson. Henry allowed me to browse without pressure, and once I needed assistance, he was ready to answer questions. Price guarantee is another big attraction to the store, as well as the overall selection.

Myrick, San Antonio, TX


I was stunned the first time I visited the store. There is a large variety to choose from in all jewelry needs. The employees are always courteous, smiling and willing to help your every need with trained knowledge. I will continue my business with Americus Diamond for all my jewelry, especially since they have a great upgrade system.

Carolyn, San Antonio, TX


Americus Diamond was the best place I could have chosen to do business with.  I bought the engagement ring in ‘06 and had been to six or seven other stores.  Americus Diamond was the most honest and helpful. When I was ready to purchase the wedding ring, there was no question where I was going to buy it. The ring came out great and was ready before they said it would be, which was a relief. Everyone I have dealt with at Americus Diamond has been very helpful and knowledgeable about what diamonds and type of rings fit best for my fiancé. Thanks to everyone.

Jesse & Jill, San Antonio, TX


Wow! I loved shopping at Americus Diamond. The sales men and women are lovely-- too nice! Not pushy-- Don’t blow you off if you are dressed up or down. :-) Customer service is top notch as far as stone questions, repairs, cleaning. Thank you! We have loved our ring and plan to continue our “journey in jewelry” with Americus.

Laura & Trey, San Antonio, TX


I grew up in New Braunfels, catching Americus Diamond commercials from time to time. I live in Austin now but couldn’t find decent service without a catch. Making the trip down to San Antonio was worth it once I came in the store. Everything was all too easy and clear cut. Thank you very much!

Caleb, Austin, TX


** Attracted by billboards seen when in San Antonio-- impressed by the merchandise shown on the website.

** Large selection of engagement settings/ loose diamonds.

** Very helpful staff-- didn’t feel rushed or pressure to purchase/not purchase; very knowledgeable regarding the merchandise; Steve is very friendly, personable.

** Mostly impressed with the willingness/ ability to customize.

** Very good warranties/ guaranties.

Joe & Jennifer, Kingwood, TX


I bought my wedding ring ten years ago. This is the only place I will purchase jewelry from because there are no pressure tactics used. The merchandise speaks for itself. Americus Diamond employees are excellent in every aspect. I just celebrated my ten year anniversary and we decided to upgrade our diamond and band. Carmen was a pleasure to work with and made things extremely easy. We live in Corpus Christi and always look forward to visiting San Antonio, and especially Americus Diamond. You can buy pretty diamonds in a lot of places, but you will never find the kind of service that you get when you buy from Americus Diamond.

Greg, Corpus Christi, TX


I really enjoyed my shopping experience at Americus Diamond. They definitely have the largest selection of diamonds I have ever seen. Our sales associate was very patient and helpful during our shopping. She was wonderful. Thanks Theresa. I will definitely recommend Americus Diamond. Keep up the good work.

Robert, San Antonio, TX


Karen was most helpful in making our trade-in choice decision less frustrating. Even though our salesman, Henry, was off today, Karen was most helpful. She found a setting that is just perfect- patiently working with us for approximately two hours. She knows the merchandise well and has a keen sense of what looks very pleasing on the hand. She was tenacious in finding out answers to our sizing questions, etc. We have experienced a very enjoyable shopping spree! Thank you, Karen!

Beryl & Linda, Mico, TX


Carmen was exceptionally courteous, knowledgeable and, in spite of our facetious sense if humor, was able to maintain her professional manner without losing her good attitude and keep us comfortable and at ease. She and Enrique, the gemologist, took all of our questions in stride and good humor; insuring that we were happy with our purchase and are knowledgeable in the in depth questions I asked regarding the stone grading process. Carmen is an extreme asset to the company and I will be happy to recommend her at Americus to anyone we know or meet.

Dustin & Renae, Pipe Creek, TX


Enrique was respectful, accommodating and polite. Every time I come to Americus, I choose to do business with Enrique because of his professionalism. We have been to many jewelers and no other company has customer service like Americus. I feel very relaxed and not pressured into buying with Enrique and that is why he will always have us as continued customers. Enrique is one of the best! The movies that play for the kids are great. The atmosphere is homey.

Jennifer & Colt, Boerne, TX


I have been to Americus Diamond many times now and each time I have had a great experience. The staff is always very pleasant and helpful. It has been my pleasure to be assisted by Karen my last two times through the store and she has been wonderful! She spent a great deal of time working with me to find just the right piece for me. Americus Diamond has a large selection and I appreciate that they educate their customers. Great experience/ Great sales staff. I will be back when ready for my next piece of jewelry.

Rob, San Antonio, TX


The store is very big. It looks like you’re walking into a huge bank. Five seconds after I walked in, an employee approached me to find out what I was looking for. He showed me many different rings throughout the store where I eventually found the one I wanted to buy, Customer service is definitely excellent.

Justin, San Antonio, TX


This is my third trip to Americus Diamond to pick out and purchase my diamond engagement set. Everyone I have worked with has been courteous and helpful. Other jewelry stores have not been as patient or accommodating as our friends at Americus Diamond. Two years ago I picked out my ring of a lifetime and today I got it!! Fortunately, we were able to find it because my fiancé lost the information and the record at the store was not available. Carmen looked at every single ring with us and was the first to spot it. I have been dreaming about this ring for two years and now it’s a dream come true! Thank you, Americus, for making my wedding complete with the perfect ring.

Kristen & Lance, New Braunfels, TX


We have been doing business with Americus Diamond since 1999. The service and selection throughout the years have not been surpassed. All of the sales people have the experience and knowledge to provide you the best quality service. Americus Diamond continues to prove that quality diamonds go hand in hand with quality service.

Ruben & Marie, Bulverde, TX


My fiancé and I worked with Henry when we purchased our engagement ring and we couldn’t have had a better experience. We expected a pushy salesperson, but he far exceeded our expectations. Our experience was informative, very personable and we were able to look at a variety of styles and diamonds without feeling pressured to buy anything before we were ready. We were so impressed that we raved about him as much as we raved about the ring. He was very kind, well-informed and simply a joy to work with. I cannot seem to say how much he made the process absolutely wonderful. We look forward to buying more jewelry from him for years to come.

Jessica & Jeff, New Braunfels, TX


We have had a great experience at Americus Diamond! We started out getting our engagement rings here and were treated so well that we came back for our wedding bands and wedding gifts. The staff is always extremely nice and helpful.

Gabriel & Rebecca, Mesquite, TX


We walked in not knowing what to expect and not wanting to be “sold.”  We received wonderful customer service from two of Americus’ employees. After this experience we will definitely come back. Great people and very knowledgeable.

Amber & Leticia, San Antonio, TX


My experience with Americus Diamond was excellent. Everyone was always helpful and always there to explain details. I was never pressured or persuaded. I enjoyed how I could name a price and they could find a ring to match. Once I chose a diamond I was able to examine it underneath a microscope to view any imperfections. Overall this was a great experience which I would recommend to anyone.

Joel, Boerne, TX


The customer service is second to none. There are many places in San Antonio to purchase diamonds, but Americus is the only place where there is a strong one-on-one relationship with the associates. The associates are very knowledgeable and exceed every resource to find the right product for the right customer.

James & Valerie, San Antonio,

Americus Diamond was very helpful. I came in with a specific ring in mind. Henry was very informative and helped me into a beautiful engagement ring for my fiancé. You can tell that customer service is paramount here. Awesome.

Clay, San Antonio, TX 5/23/08


What always impresses me are Americus Diamonds’ employees. They are so helpful and never give me the impression that they are rushed or need to move on to the next customer. They take the time to answer all of my questions and show me all of the products I need to see. Even if I need to see them twice.

Laura, San Antonio, TX


I had a great experience the first time I bought an engagement ring (1998). Not knowing about diamonds, the time you spent educating me about quality made me feel more knowledgeable. I felt better about the buying process. This first relationship didn’t work out, but I won’t hold it against Americus. This store was the only place that came to mind when I found “the one” in 2001. I bought another engagement ring. Now, I am here to get her an anniversary gift. I hope to visit Americus for years to come.

Ignacio, San Antonio, TX

Americus Diamond is the largest diamond engagement ring jewelry store in the USA located right here in San Antonio TX.  We are designers and manufacturers of bridal sets, wedding rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and colored gemstone jewelry. We are the official jeweler of the San Antonio Spurs and the University of Texas San Antonio Athletics. 

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